Welcome! My name is Alyssa and I’m a Type-A mama bird who loves exploring back roads, good food and drinks, and history.

I’m really excited you’re here, and I can’t wait to help you explore the St. Croix River Valley and beyond! Born in Minnesota and raised by landscape designers, I traveled the Midwest and the world before settling down in beautiful, rural Wisconsin with my husband, daughter and cat.

I love to share the towns, people, and businesses that make this region; provide curated day-trip itineraries; and share recipes, parenting fun, and more as I explore the physical, cultural and culinary landscapes of MinneSconsin and beyond.

I also work as a graphic designer & document “zhuzh“-er (to make something more lively and interesting, stylish, or appealing) so contact me if you’re looking for new brochures, business cards, a timeline for your business, anything!

Lastly, my passion for architecture and this beautiful region led me to get my real estate licenses in both Minnesota AND Wisconsin. So hit me up if you’re looking to buy or sell!

Let’s make something together.